AI is here to stay.

So is our need for true connection.


In an age where change only ever seems to be gathering pace, is there still room for beautiful, slow things?

I believe there is.
I believe that human brands, real brands that make people feel something, will not just stay relevant, but have a resurgence.

Each week, I explore the two-fold opportunity of:

One - to help you to double down on the aspects that make your business human (and magical) to distinguish ourselves from all the grey, featureless fluff, and

Two - to (jointly) discover how some of these new tools could be used to actually make our brands feel MORE human.

I'm aiming for tons of mind-bending mindset shifts, useful strategy re-thinks and actionable ideas to help you to elevate your brand - but honestly, a couple of years ago, I would have bet my house against AI learning to paint anytime before I needed a stair lift...

...so who knows what will happen? It's all part of the fun.

If you enjoy the casual acquisition of fresh perspectives through humorous stories, wacky analogies and the odd far-fetched metaphor, liberally sprinkled with positivity and the occasional swear word, you're in the right place.

See you in your inbox next Thursday?


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