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Hey there!


Hey there!

Does it feel like a struggle to keep your brand relevant? Are you doing great work, but the way you’re presenting it isn’t connecting quite like it used to? Are you worried for the future but don’t want to entertain the notion of folding the business?

Family businesses are rare creatures worth protecting – but to do that, you need to stay with the times.

Your brand might be a bit outdated, but you’re probably apprehensive about changing things. After all, you've got a reputation to protect. You’re not here to experiment wildly and risk throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

What you need is a sensitive re-imagining of your brand that honours where you’ve come from and helps you to fully embrace the future.

So your brand can create value for decades, even generations, to come.

So your brand can create value for decades, even generations, to come.

Re-Imagining and Re-Vitalising

Too many independent and family businesses are lost in the maelstrom of 21st century throwaway culture. We feel this loss in our cultural landscape. It makes us all poorer – even if a few people did get a bargain.

But tradition and permanence do not need to be at odds with modern communication. Family and community values can (and do) make commercial sense.

It’s all in telling the right stories to the right people.

Our brands are living things. They change and evolve, just like we do. The trick is to determine what’s worth keeping, and what could benefit from a refresh.

This isn’t about re-inventing the wheel. It’s about finding the gold and polishing the diamonds.

Your Rebrand as a creative partnership

Like all my clients, everything you do has purpose. Your principles are inviolable. Which means that any rebrand doesn't just have to capture your brand's soul - it must live up to your exceptionally high standards.

So, what you don’t want to do is give your project to some random agency that walks away with your brief and voila! – Six weeks later you’re presented with your “new identity”. Without a clue where it came from, or what it stands for, or how to sell it.

When something is as important as your work, you can’t let others make decisions for you. Even if they’re creative decisions and you’re not sure what you want.


During my PhD, I have spent many years embedded in the cultural heritage space. I understand both the need to protect and preserve, and the drive to adapt.

My process involves a solid calibration phase where we get the team involved, dig for the gold, and decide which diamonds to polish. Together, we design your new identity.

Your guiding light shows my hands what to create.

Following my tried and tested method, we co-create the brief, the vibe, the message and the designs, one decision leading neatly to the next, with you having sign-off at every step of the way.

That means you get exactly what you want, and there are no nasty surprises.

And along the way, you get a free deep-dive into what makes your brand special, which is something my clients absolutely love.

Could we get together and bring the magic back into your brand? Only one way to find out:

What do you get?

For starters, you get a fresh logo, a brand bible and all the official collateral you’ll need.

But since your logo isn’t doing your selling for you, you also get:

Renewed clarity on how to stand out in a changing, crowded marketplace,
A professional looking and sounding brand platform from which to launch your next big thing,
A structure for getting your message across, every time,
Trust in your USP and the knowledge of how best to communicate it,
The basis for a brand that’ll allow you to work less and earn more,
A clear understanding of what marketing is worth investing in,
A fresh, updated brand identity that your customers will LOVE, and
A self-affirming and authentic way to communicate your expertise and value proposition.

Oh, and did I mention it'll be fun?!

Testimonials_Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thomas, Darwin Grey LLP

Testimonials_Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thomas, Darwin Grey LLP

We worked with Marina on the brand for a new business event series. It was really important to us for those events to be "different", but beyond that we had trouble agreeing on what exactly the brand should be like.

We are solicitors and the event brand had to work within that, but also attract a fresh audience which isn't interested in corporate speak, suits and ties.

Marina worked closely with our in-house marketing team to determine the vibe and energy of the events, and gave us some interesting insight into the start-up and young entrepreneur community. She helped us decide on a name and developed a fun and energetic brand to go with the concept.

Everything was delivered promptly and professionally, and we were always kept up to date. Our marketing team now have a set of templates they can adapt and use to promote future events. We didn't want yet another roll-up banner, so in keeping with the fresh vibe of our new events, Marina also designed a bespoke, branded lightbox for us.

We are very happy with the outcome!

Not automatically. A design refresh can help bring the brand into the 21st Century, but sometimes all that's needed is a tweak. If you’d like to keep your existing design, it’s possible to achieve a significant re-fresh by changing the colour scheme and the way we talk about your brand.

A typical re-branding project takes six to eight weeks. It’ll vary depending on how much stuff you’ll need, how busy you are, how many of your team members get involved, and how quickly we get our EUREKA! moment.

Spoiler: I’m pretty good with those!

I can also support you with the launch and implementation of your new materials on an ongoing basis.

Rebranding projects start from £2,799 for Calibration plus logo design (incl full IPR) and brand bible.

The calibration phase involves your team, irons out your new positioning, streamlines your message and gets everyone aligned with your vision.

For a quote including specific design work, we’d first have to work out exactly what you need. If you’d like a non-committal chat about your project, please get in touch.

Every time you ask someone to help you interpret your brand - whether that’s for marketing, web design, exhibition design, merchandise… you name it – they’ll need a guide.

A brand bible is that guide: a document that summarises all your brand stands for, all your brand is (and is not), and how it looks, behaves, sounds, and smells. This helps you stay ‘on brand’, whatever you decide to do next.

Yes, we offer simple brochure websites, but only for clients who have been through my (re)branding process. Let me know if you’re interested in updating your website. If nothing else, I can connect you with someone I trust! 

Why you should not buy this right now

Yes, you read that right. No matter how great the idea of an amazing brand sounds, here are some reasons why this could be the wrong move for you right now.

There is no instant ROI.

Brand building is a long-term strategy, not a quick fix. It is very hard to measure, and hard to quantify (like, how much more "brand" do we have compared to last month?). Your accountant won't like it. It's an expensive commitment to your future self. If you're struggling to make sales, you're most likely better off investing in sales training or dedicated marketing.

This is not 'done for you'.

If you expect to be able to simply outsource brand building, I'm sorry to disappoint. Doing this right will require a good chunk of your time. If you have a business partner, it'll require their time, too. Time to sit in sessions with me, and time to do the work behind the scenes. If you are run off your feet with operations, you're most likely better off investing in admin help.

It will require ongoing investment.

Once you go from "this is a bit shit but we're getting away with it" to "We're doing this properly now", there is no way back. You've set an expectation. Everything you put out into the world from then on out will have to look and sound a certain way. You are raising your own bar, and to build people's trust in you, you'll have to keep meeting that quality line again and again and again. No more cheap and cheerful - it's time to put your graphic designer on speed dial.

If any of those sound problematic, get your ducks in a row first. When you're ready, you know where to find me.
In the meantime, you can have some free brand building advice.

Still want to talk? Then...


Book an initial free call


Together, we develop clarity, inspiration, and structure around your most pressing brand challenges


Confidently re-conquer the market with your new old brand. 

Whether you’re getting ready to launch, or to take on the world, I’ve got the right clarity boost for you and your brand.

Testimonials_kevin morgan

Kevin Morgan, NatWest Cymru

Testimonials_kevin morgan

Kevin Morgan, NatWest Cymru

We engaged Marina to develop a brand for our presence and our entrepreneurial courtyard at the Royal Welsh Show.

What we really loved about Marina's pitch was the story behind the brand. Marina managed to capture the essence of the brief exactly and develop a brand concept which had personality and a lot of depth. It perfectly bridges the gap between NatWest and the Royal Welsh - two very established and very different brands.

That concept turned it into a beautiful design which was very fitting to the occasion, but also works well within our national brand guidelines. The design does exactly what we need it to do and beautifully represents the spirit of Future Brands of Wales.

Marina was brilliant to work with. The work was completed to an exceptional standard, we were always kept in the loop and when it came to printing, Marina also coordinated directly with our printers to make sure the end product was exactly what we needed.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Marina to anyone who wants not just a good designer, but someone who really understands the needs of their business and their clients.”


Is "rebranding" worth it?

Spending money on something as seemingly fluffy as branding at this critical time can feel like a risk – but if your marketing isn't working today, waiting won't magically make it work tomorrow. In business, sitting still is going backwards.

Can you afford the risk of doing nothing?

Book your free clarity call today.

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