For Courageous Change-Makers and Introverts with a Cause




for Courageous Change-Makers and Introverts with a Cause


Hey! Marina here.

This is it, right?! You’re on a mission to grow your brand and make a difference. Everyone's excited! Time to stand out and SHINE.

There's just a teensy problem...

Deep down, you know the marketing mosh pit is not your happy place. You’re not like those extroverted, larger-than-life types who believe that loud and shouty is effective.

For purpose-driven or introverted founders, shouting louder just isn’t an option. Heck, we don’t want to shout at all. Neither do we want to have to be everywhere, all the time. Just thinking about that is exhausting!

We don’t have energy to waste on things that don’t work for us.

I work with purpose-led business owners on wholesome designs and strategies that help them

stand out for the right reasons, and

be remembered for the right reasons

all while creating magical experiences for their customers (and, in turn, for themselves).

Even if - no, especially if - you're B2B.



attract and retain their fans with an authentic, personality-filled mix of good design, meaningful communication, and solid strategy.

The right balance is different for each brand.
To learn more about your perfect mix, please select:

I am a:


Bit of a mess to be honest...

Or, if you’re just here for a visit and not ready to granular yet, let me give you the whistlestop tour:

It's tricky to build an authentic, stand-out brand

Your brand needs to be unique, consistent, and attractive. It needs to be memorable! So you need to inject personality and flair without compromising professionality...

...but that means you have to put yourself (and your brand) out there. 

Pushing the envelope will inevitably put some people off – but how do you strike the right balance? How do you stay true to yourself and build something people LOVE?


You need a wholesome, clear brand-building strategy that helps you to

Grow with impact, purpose, and integrity,
Create immense added value for your customers (and charge accordingly),
Turn those customers into fans who return again and again (and tell their friends),
Simplify sales conversations by knowing exactly what to say to whom,
Understand and communicate what makes you awesome, and why people should care,
Celebrate that uniqueness in a way that attracts more of the right kind of customer,
Build a great reputation and expert status, and
Have a ton of fun along the way.

All of that is as much an art as it is a science. So most businesses don't bother and play it safe.

But “safe” is a risk in itself. They risk invisibility.

Nobody ever built a great brand by playing it safe.

Can you afford to play it safe?

Fortunately, you've come to the right place!

Remember that art and science bit? I'm actually both a certified scientist and an artist. I love nerding out over brand building and have done so for nearly a decade. I have a solid method for guiding you through this complex process...

...and my clients love working with me.

Could we make magic together?

Testimonials_James Daniel

James Daniel, Tell It Your Way

Testimonials_James Daniel

James Daniel, Tell It Your Way

What can I say? If your brand personality is struggling to break free…if you can't quite capture the spirit that’s inside you…talk to Marina. If you can get her to work with you, the world is finally going to see you in your truest light.

Testimonials_kerry bellamy

Kerry Bellamy, Kerry Bellamy Coaching

Testimonials_kerry bellamy

Kerry Bellamy, Kerry Bellamy Coaching

Marina has taken me from unclear and overwhelmed to a state of complete confidence and clarity with a look, feel and targeted service offering that I have genuinely fallen in love with. If you are looking to create, or reconnect with, who you are as a brand and how you want the world to see you, I can’t recommend working with her highly enough.



...you could not do anything, continue to sit in uncertainty, and watch other brands fulfill their potential while you’re wondering why it hasn’t happened to yours yet.

Don’t stay stuck. Book that non-committal call today.

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