You know how life kind of always wants you to fit in with everyone else? How everything seems to be geared towards the average this and the smallest-common-denominator that?

Well. Let’s start by saying this:

I’m allergic to average.

I discovered this early on in life. Fortunately, we didn't have school uniforms. That allowed wiggle room for individuality. On the downside, you learn very quickly that being visibly different makes you a bit of a target – and that lesson is reinforced year after year after year.


I was always a little too… something. Too interested in jet fighters to be a girly girl. Too headstrong to go with the flow without questioning. Too interested in art to be a scientist, and too interested in science to be an artist.

My individualistic streak proved too unruly to contain.
So I grew a spine and just cracked on with it.

I never got to be one of the cool kids...

But I learned that all the true fun is found in the hidden corners of life.

That exceptionality always lives on the fringe. And that to have impact in this world, you have to be prepared to stand out as yourself.

This led me to studying not just design, but also social science. Understanding how people tick, how you can predict and influence behaviour (somewhat useful for brand-building, right?) became a complete fascination.

So much so that I got a PhD.

Nerdy cool, but still not cool kids material…

And although I was, with the clarity of hindsight, fated to become my own boss, it took me a while to figure that out. Over several years, I tried my hand at all sorts of jobs relating to design, culture and communication. I worked in Austria, the UK, France and Switzerland and learned a lot about research and business.

Until, in 2016, the penny dropped.

Instead of fitting into a pre-made career, I could take everything I'd learned and help others stand out.

Today I help purpose-driven founders and businesses find and capitalise on what makes them unique. Together, we build brands that are personable, memorable and stand out for all the right reasons.

Don’t get me wrong. Deciding to build and grow a brand will require you to put yourself out there. It will feel unfamiliar, even uncomfortable at times. It will ask you to stretch your own introvert self to find new forms of courage.

But don’t ever buy into your own bullshit. You can ABSOLUTELY do this.

I’ve walked the walk, and I’ve helped dozens of clients do the same.

Your cause is too important to let a little impostor syndrome stop you.

And so is mine.

Random facts about me

  • I once ate five pizzas in seven days, and I do not consider that excessive.
  • I generally spend far too much time thinking about food.
  • If it's weird and out there, I probably like it.
  • On average, I drop my off-road motorcycle into a puddle of Welsh mud at least once a week. I’m working on improving that average.
  • I'm Austrian, and so is my bike. She was made less than two hours away from where I was made.
  • My cat’s real name is Tiberius, but that name was too grand for him as a kitten, so we called him Tibbles. He is grander today, but he is still Tibbles.

Bucket list items:

  • Dive with manta rays and see a whale shark in the wild
  • Travel the ancient silk road overland
  • Help as many people as I can to be more themselves

I look forward to get to know you!


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