Re-Brand New Media Ghost

Kiki Choda came to me for a re-brand when her old business identity started throwing up naming conflicts. Kiki is a chartered marketing ninja who looks after the personal brands of high-powered individuals and corporate clients. She increases their public profile, making new connections and building their social media presence. As such, she spends a lot of time ghostwriting/ghost posting. Kiki is the first client for whom the superpower of invisibility actually works!


  • Brand Positioning
  • Name Finding
  • Vibe & Colours
  • Values
  • Logo Design
New Media Ghost rebrand - Apricity Studio

We worked together on the new business name, incorporating both the unseen aspect and the digital world in which she operates. Her mood board tells the tale of her no-nonsense, results-driven approach. It also suggests being digitally connected, networking and moving in the shadows. The colours suggest trustworthiness, professionalism and discretion. The doubled-up speech bubble is symbolic of communicating on behalf of others. We kept the brand vibe deliberately clean and modern to appeal to her high-profile clientele.

New Media Ghost rebrand mood board - Apricity Studio
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