New Brand Myana Naturals

Myana Naturals is a brand concept for a Swansea-based startup developing specialist hair care products for black women.

Drawing on the rich history of black hair culture, we combined the sense of identity with the spirit of pride and wrapped it all up in a joyful, colourful brand celebrating black natural hair, sisterhood and community.


  • Brand Positioning
  • Vibe, Colours & Personality
  • Values
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Thinking
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I started this journey with an idea for a new product, and I knew I'd need a brand at some point. A friend recommended I speak to Marina, and I was immediately attracted by her warm and energetic personality.

Working together was fun, varied and I learned a lot about how to make a product appeal to the market on many different levels. As an engineer, I know how to design and build things, not necessarily how to sell them!

I had never realised there was so much to branding, so the process was a great learning experience for me. Together, we worked out what Myana should look and feel like, what it should stand for and how to present it to the world.

Marina really took time to get to know me, and in the process, I got to understand my own brand so much better. I now know how to make an emotional connection to my customers, not just create a good product.

I am still developing my invention, but my new brand and logo have given me the clarity I need to start marketing it, and the confidence to understand what my customers are looking for - both in terms of functionality, but also emotionally.

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