ReBrand Kerry Bellamy Coaching

Coaching is a crowded field, and Kerry needed a way to distinguish her offering in the market. To do that, it’s important to develop a distinct, individual flavour that comes from a combination of experience, approach and personality.

Together we dove deep into Kerry's beliefs, processes and values to develop a unique and expressive brand identity that speaks of both movement and calm.


  • Brand Positioning
  • Vibe, Colours & Personality
  • Values
  • Logo Design
  • Web copy
  • Web design

Life is always in flow. Work is always in flow. We move, we shift, we contract on one side and expand on the other. Everything is always changing and evolving, and what was true yesterday may no longer be true today. What’s important is that we move through those changes with a sense of balance and like water eventually return to a to a calm, settled state.

You can find Kerry and the website we created for her at

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"What could I tell you about working with Marina?

I could tell you about the easy step by step process she effortlessly walks you through. Or, how the whole experience is completely collaborative and that she really gets to the heart of creating a brand that is truly you.  I could also tell you about her intuitive designs and the way she somehow captures your brand's heartbeat. I could tell you all this but it wouldn’t be the half of it.

For me, working with Marina has been a true exploration of myself and the services I offer my clients. Her amazing ability to ask just the right question, to uncover the deeper elements of who I am and what I stand for, appears effortless. I would look forward to our meetings with genuine excitement because I knew I’d learn so much and laugh so hard in the process.

Deciding to take the step to invest in my own brand was initially hugely daunting for me, for so many different reasons as I’m sure is true for many people. I needn’t have worried. Marina has been there every step of the way not just creating brand materials but acting as a sounding board for the wider visibility for my business. Her insight and practical experience have helped me gain clarity on who I really want to work with and how to engage with them effectively. She’s taken me from unclear and overwhelmed to a state of complete confidence and clarity with a look, feel and targeted service offering that I have genuinely fallen in love with.

If you are looking to create, or reconnect with, who you are and how you want the world to see you, I can’t recommend you work with her highly enough. I thought I was looking for a logo and colours (she’ll hate me for saying that), what I’ve come away with is a cohesive style, confidence in myself, a deeper passion for what I have to offer…oh and a beautiful logo!"

Kerry Bellamy, Kerry Bellamy Coaching

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