VLOG – Why Small Businesses Can’t Afford to Ignore Branding

Branding for Small Businesses

Today I'd like to briefly talk about branding for small businesses, because that's the hearts of my business. It's the core of everything I do, and yet I still get asked: "Why is branding relevant for small businesses, what's in it for them, why bother?"

The basis of all I'm going to say next is a number: The number is 5.7 million.  5.7 million is the number of registered businesses in the UK in 2017. Out of all those, a whopping, mind-blowing 99.3% are small businesses. Not medium ones, or large ones. Small, teeny tiny micro businesses! That includes established businesses, but also all the freelances, the side hustlers, the part time makers, the ones working on the business in the evenings, and everything in between.

Oh the noise!

On the one hand it's great to have this great environment where everybody can just start the business really simply compared to other places in the world. But on the other hand it also creates a lot of din - a huge amount of noise. Everybody is in the same boat as you, everybody is out there advertising, shouting about their products, telling people what they do, trying to get customers, to get more customers, trying to grow, trying to do better.

If you allow your reputation to happen to you, you are automatically consigning yourself to the also-rans. And why would you do that? We're here, we have a business. We're in this slog already, working stupid hours, probably not very well paid to start off, in order to do something we are super passionate about. Why would you let the most important part, which is connecting to your customer so they buy your stuff, simply happen? Why would you leave that up to chance?

Take matters into your own hand

The answer is: You shouldn't! You should be learning about branding, about how you can build an amazing small brand that everyone like and talks about. Because, chances are, your product is amazing, your service is amazing. You've gone into this life because you're amazingly passionate about what you do, but perhaps the message is not connecting. Or it isn't connecting well enough, ore people are remembering you for things you don't even know.

Is up to you to change that. All branding requires is some time, some passion, and some heart. And I know you've already got passion and heart because you are here. You are doing this crazy business thing, so hats off to you! Time I can't give you - you have to find that for yourself. The alternative is having your brand built for you, in which case you are running the risk of them interpreting your business and message wrong, and it doesn't come out quite the way you want it. Or, you take that time and you make sure what you develop is exactly, authentically true to your business, your vision, and your message.

I've got your back! 

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