VLOG – How to Make Business More Personable

This new series follows on from my last topic, which was all about how branding is a little bit like taking your customers on a date. I spoke about being personable in your business and how it can be really useful to see your business as a person.

This is the first in a series of vlogs I'll be uploading that are all about how to make business personable - the bottom line of which is "how to look better and sell more". Yay!

Why a Person?

So why look at business as if it were a person? It's all about making connections. People don't buy from you unless they feel a connection. They don't buy unless they feel they like you, they know you, and they trust you. 70% of the buying decision is now made before people even reach out to you. That means that they research you online to see what you're about long before you get a chance to speak to them in person.

Having found you online, hopefully they found something on your website or your social media that they were interested in. You've made an initial connection. The trick now is to keep the connection going, and growing! You have to build that connection from initial interest into something more of an understanding. Customers need to feel like you understand their problem. That you understand their position, and you are the right person to help them. If you say the right things, gradually that understanding develops into trust, which makes the client's buying decision that much easier.

Long term relationships

The ultimate end goal is to build not just a relationship for one sale, but to build a long-term relationship. To develop your customer into a fan who is engaged, who pre-orders, who looks for new offers, who communicates with you through social media, stays engaged and who ultimately gives you personal recommendation. That, as we know, is one of the highest converting forms of marketing!

The question is, how do we do that? We build a long term relationship, gradually, by giving people a reason to connect with you. A reason to trust you. That reason can come from many different sources. It could be shared values or shared interests. It could be that you are uniquely positioned to understand your customer's particular niche problem. Or perhaps it comes from the way you speak through you business, the way you communicate.

It could be something as little as saying thank you. Which, by the way, doesn't have to be a handwritten email after every single sale. Having a really friendly and engaging but automated email going out to everyone is good enough. It is the thought that counts. The thought that you have already put into your communication, trying to build a long-term relationship from an early stage. It's about valuing the client and about keeping them interested in the long run.

It's all in the Experience

Great customer engagement is about experience. In 70% of the cases, a great experience is the reason why people recommend you, so we need to make sure we build a great experience. We need to build a human connection, a human relationship. To help you get into the mindset of how to make your business more personable, I've created a series of vlogs over the next few weeks dedicated to how to turn your business into a person. Once you've got that kind of thinking head on and you look at business communication in that way, being personable will be so much easier.

Let's turn your business into a person!

So, we are turning your business into a person! We'll be looking at the name of the business and what that says about you. We will be talking about voice and communication styles, about personality, and about the story you tell, but also about how you appear, both in image and word.

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