VLOG – How to Make Business More Personable: the Name

Welcome back to my series on how to make business more personable (by turning it into actual an person)!

Today we are talking about your business name. I'm starting with the name because chances are, you started with the name. Incidentally, it's also the thing that your customers are most likely to come into contact with first, before they even know anything about your business.

The Name Needs To Work (Literally...)

What I come across regularly when I work with clients face-to-face is that people can be really married to their business name. And I can understand that - your business is your baby, and it needs a name. However, it's important to remember that your business name is just one of many ways of communicating with your clients. How would you reach out to your clients if all you had was one word (or two words, or three - in the length of your business). The name you pick should absolutely fit the vibe you want to create for your business.

It's not my job to prescribe to you how to create your business name, or even suggest that it has to change. I simply want you to be mindful that if you're thinking about re-branding, your current name might not be perfect anymore. I want you to be mindful that if you are a start-up, you shouldn't be too married to your name because things might change. In fact, chances are, things WILL change. You need to be flexible and you need to adapt.

But if you are ready to find a new name, or even the first ever name, here are some tips on how to do it:

Make Sure It Sounds Good.

First of all you, want your business name to sound good when you say out loud. The last thing you want to do is have something extremely complicated or convoluted or difficult to spell, or something from a foreign language which doesn't mean a lot a lot of people. Ultimately, you want your name to be shared, and if it's complicated for people to share it, they simply won't.

Practical Considerations

When you're naming your business, we also want to consider some really practical concerns. Make sure that the name thinking of is available. Not just as a domain, but across a wide variety of social media platforms as a username, so you have consistency when you show up. You also want to be able to potentially trademark your name and service in the future. Why don't you go and do a quick trademark check now, to make sure that your name is actually available for when you grow into something amazing and you then really need that trademark.

The problem is that if you are a successful with a name which you can't keep, it will be very hard to change it at that point. So, be mindful of what you pick!

Predictably Unpredictable!

Don't be too generic or predictable, even if you're not super creative. If you call yourself the same as everybody else in your industry, you are just not making enough of an effort from the point of view of your clients. Be interesting, be memorable, stand out!

And now - Hold Your Horses! 😉

Having just gone and given you all these tips and ideas on how you can name your business well, I've actually gone against my own personal belief that the name should not be the first thing you create. In many ways, it should be the last thing you create, because the idea is that your name should really really represent the inner soul of your business to your customers. And for that to happen, I think we have to develop our business person a little bit further.


Coming up, I'll be talking about business personality, which is my absolute favourite. It's such a key ingredient in building a fantastic brand so I'm really excited about that.

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Happy Branding!


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