How Tinder-ready is YOUR business?

Imagine for a moment you’re on the web, on a dating site of your choice. You’re clicking or swiping your way through a vast sea of potential matches. Everybody wants to make a good first impression.

The dilemma is obvious: any one of these could be your perfect match, but there are too many to talk to them all.

How do you choose who to even start a conversation with?

Gut feeling serves most of us reasonably well (although we all know someone whose internal compass could do with a tune-up). The way those matches smile at us from their profile picture lets us make an intuitive yes, no or maybe decision. That means we’re getting somewhere – great!

Cue instant moral dilemma no.2! How shallow we are, picking people based on just their looks! Terrible and shameful and so NOT enlightened 21st century.

No, you're not a horrible person.

Before you start beating yourself, know this: all those matches have complete control over how they present themselves. The profile picture they CHOOSE to put up, how they smile, what they are doing, what they are wearing, is a reflection of how they want to be seen. You can only react to what THEY choose to let you see.

Handsome bloke wearing a football jersey holding up two pints – no thanks. Another handsome bloke giving crayons to children in Africa – why, yes, please.

You get my drift.

In business, it’s no different. If a potential client is checking you out on the world wide dating site that is the internet, they are desperately looking for a reason to start a conversation with you.

It’s your job to help them make up their mind about you.

Making a good first impression

The images you post need to say something about who you are. The colours you use should subconsciously reinforce your brand personality. The words you choose need to be authentic, interesting and relevant.

You only get a few milliseconds to make a good first impression, and every little detail counts.

Because if the first impression doesn’t connect, you might not get a chance at having that conversation. You may never get a chance to enrich their lives with your


Interested in how you can make sure your business is making a cracking first impression?

p.s: Crayon guy may still turn out to be boring or self-obsessed when you actually meet him. How to talk to prospective clients so they fall for you is a tale for another time, though.


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